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With so many restaurants in the Tri-State Area it can be difficult to set your business apart from the rest. Nothing elevates the dining experience quite like the added luxury of valet parking; it could mean the difference between a two star and a five star experience. Unique Parking Systems can provide a valet service to your restaurant that will enhance your business more than you could image.

Not only do restaurants with valet managed parking seem more elegant and upscale than those without, they also experience a maximization of profits due to the valet. Valet managed parking will efficiently use all of the space in your lot allowing for more cars and more diners. Additionally, valet management eliminates loss revenue as a result of insufficient parking, no matter how full your parking lot is, you will never lose a table of guests because they were unable to find room for their car. That’s our job, and it gets done no matter what.

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Services & Solutions

• World Class Valet Service

• Eliminates loss of revenue due to insufficient parking

• Ensures the most efficient use of parking space

• Fully Licensed and Insured

• Fast, Professional, and Reliable