Large Event Parking

No lot too big, no field too unpaved

Unique Parking Systems has extensive experience with large scale and one-off events in the New York Tri-state area. We will meet with you, analyze the logistics of the event, survey the area, then propose the best solutions for your space.

Unique Parking Systems can handle all aspects of your event from shuttles to and from local transportation outlets to a staff of parking coordinators to work the lots and fields to efficiently route drivers, making the most of space and avoiding the confusion and hassles that huge wide open lots are prone to.

Making your event memorable in all the right ways begins and ends with the parking experience. It sets the tone of the day and after the festivities it completes the memory.

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Parking Solutions for Large Events

• Large Scale and One-Off Events

• Event Parking Analysis - Efficiency & Logistics

• Shuttle Transportation Options

• Fast, Professional, and Reliable

• Fully Licensed & Insured